We are continuously looking for new, innovative suppliers who can usefully complement our existing partners and components. Therefore, we look forward to your call.


The experts at GVA place immense value on collaboration with their suppliers in partnership. This is based on good accessibility of the contact persons, reliable information on price and delivery time, as well as product quality supplied and tested in accordance with the pertinent standards and regulations. GVA performs continuous supplier assessment to evaluate the “performance” of its suppliers in the combined effort to satisfy our customers.

Suppliers should be certified to DIN ISO 9001 or proceed in accordance with this guideline. For ordered products, GVA only recognises the German Terms & Conditions of Purchase, which are available to download.

We are continuously looking for new product lines that could be a meaningful addition to our existing product range.

So if you are looking for an expert in power electronics and your innovative products can support us in the best possible way, we would be pleased to receive your call.

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